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Videowall, the first and best video wallpaper app for Mac is back with 40+ stunning new wallpapers and many new features! Did you ever wanted to have video wallpapers on your Mac? With Videowall it's now possible! Select one of the 50 beautiful wallpapers and enjoy the new life on your desktop. The relaxing wallpapers will allow you to work significantly more relaxed. Some of the other videos are thrilling and a nice visual effect for your desktop. You can even select your own videos as wallpaper to customize your desktop even more. We love Videowall. That's why we will always continue to add new wallpapers as free updates. New Features for Version 2: - Complete redesign for Yosemite and El Capitan - Many new wallpapers - Wallpaper runs in the background even without the app open - 40-60% less CPU usage (rewritten in Swift) - Compatible with Spaces & Expose