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Experience the impressive realistic 3D-World of Ulfberth, the Viking in the 8th Century - lost on an desolated island in the baltic sea. Setup and manage an economy, fight your enemies - survive with tricks and power and rise to be mighty jarl - on the way to Haithabu. Welcome to the fantastic, dark world of Ulfberth - the Viking- once Marshall in the army of the great Viking leader Ubba. We write the year 853 a.D. - the dark years. The Vikings enters the stage of world history by leaving the far north of Europe and devastating the coast of England. In one of the raids the Viking army of Ubba gets into a nasty storm ... and sinks. Only Ulfberth scarcely survives and was washed to the shores of a lonely island. Here now you slip into the role of our hero and experience from his view the world of the 8th century. In this episode 1 - 'The Island' - it is necessary to build a robust economic system with a raw material production and a flourishing maritime trade under realistic climatic and seasonal conditions and to bring it to economic success with success. Only with the income of your island, fulfilling many worthwhile tasks and diplomatic skills, you can fulfill the quests of your lord - Thorvaldson. But apart from the harsh climate and other adverse circumstances, the multitude of enemies poses the greatest threat to your prosperity and your life. As a loyal vassal of Thorvaldson, you will receive guard troops and can protect your village with massive weapons. Protection you need to reach your economic goals. The Ulfberth trilogy now tries to consider all aspects of Vikingism - trade, economics, and combat to the degree that they may have been in the real life of a Viking. Enjoy the realistic environment (weather, day & night cycles, seasons) of an northern island in the 8th century. Learn to handle complex production and merchandising process successfully and find the right survival strategies against your enemies. In order to learn the details of the game, especially the economic features, we recommend to visit us at : Important information: Minimum system requirements: - macOS: 10.11.6 - Processor: 2 GHz (64 Bit) - Memory: 4 GB - Graphics card: 1.0 GB VRAM - Internet, Mouse, Keyboard - Free disk space: 10 GB The app has been tested on various hardware combination and with macOS 10.11, 10.12 and 10.13. - Before every game start, you can adjust the graphics quality and performance settings according to your particular hardware configuration. - This game is currently not compatible with harddrive volumes formatted as „case-sensitive".