Virtual Pet Dinosaur: Spinosaurus

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Meet the dinosaur that even the great T. Rex feared, the Virtual Pet Spinosaurus! Play games, dress up in funny outfits, and hunt for food in a prehistoric jungle to keep your dinosaur happy and healthy! Download the Virtual Pet Spinosaurus today while it's 50% OFF for a very limited time! Game Features + INTERACTIVE 3D SPINOSAURUS - This impressive carnivore is at your command with razor sharp claws, ferocious roars. and more! + DOZENS OF ACTIVITIES - Hunt down some tasty tiny dinosaurs, search for hidden dino eggs, show it some love by petting it, and even play dress-up! + CARE FOR YOUR PET - Look after your spinosaurus's well-being by managing four different stats: Hunger, Thirst, Health, and Happiness! + CUSTOMIZE YOUR DINOSAUR - Pick your favorite colors, add a funky hat, and even name your new pet! + BEAUTIFUL ENVIRONMENT - Behold your dino's gorgeous 3D home in the jurassic jungle! + HD GRAPHICS - Stunning High Definition graphics look so real you'll fall in love with your dinosaur at first sight! Download Virtual Pet Spinosaurus and control the one of the largest dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period! Be sure to check out our other awesome Virtual Pets! Swim through the sea with the Virtual Pet Orca or raid villages for gold with the Virtual Pet Dragon! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!