Virtual Pet Dragon

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Prepare to take control over the most legendary mythical creature of all time, the Virtual Pet Dragon! Burn down the village and steal their gold! Hunt down sheep to turn into sheep-kabob! Play games and dozens of other activities to keep your dragon happy and healthy! Download the Virtual Pet Dragon today while it's 50% OFF for a very limited time! Game Features + INTERACTIVE 3D DRAGON - This legendary beast is at your command with fiery breath, ferocious roars, and razor sharp claws! + SOAR THROUGH THE SKY - Take flight with your dragon to raid the village for gold, hunt down a tasty snack, race through rings, and much more! + CARE FOR YOUR PET - Look after your dragon's well-being by managing four different stats: Hunger, Thirst, Health, and Happiness! + CUSTOMIZE YOUR DRAGON - Pick your favorite colors, add a funky hat, and even name your new pet! + BEAUTIFUL 3D ENVIRONMENT - Explore your dragon's volcanic lair and the medieval village he terrorizes! + HD GRAPHICS - Stunning High Definition graphics look so real you'll fall in love with your dragon at first sight! Download the Virtual Pet Dragon and control the most feared legendary beast ever known! Be sure to check out our other awesome Virtual Pets! Snuggle up with the cuddly Virtual Pet Kitty Cat or cower in fear of the ferocious T. Rex! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!