VirtuaScore Basketball

OS X 10.6
VirtuaScore Basketball is a basketball scoreboard program as beautiful as your Mac®. Packed with a variety of features and a sense of elegant design, it's everything you could want in a scoreboard. VirtuaScore is perfect for schools, sports organizations and fans alike. * Top 10 Paid Sports since December 2011 * Number 1 grossing Sports app. * Number 1 Paid Sports in December 2011 EASY CONTROL VirtuaScore's floating control panel window puts all of the most common controls front and center, so updating the score and resetting the shot clock is quick and easy. You can even perfrom almost any action with a quick keyboard shortcut. Made a mistake? Undo any change with a quick keystroke. CUSTOMIZATION VirtuaScore is customizable! Make a scoreboard to suit your needs, with customizable Home and Away score labels, graphics, and colors. The digital number displays come in two styles and you can set the period and shot clock duration for each game. DESIGN VirtuaScore simply looks like it belongs on the Mac. With brushed aluminum and glass style, the realistic seven-segment score displays seemingly glow off the computer screen. MORE FEATURES - Substitution buzzer - Choose from a palette of 25 colors for the displays - Windowed and full-screen modes - Realistic display graphics - Authentic game buzzer sound - Save scoreboards to use again - Set clock to tenths of a second - Choose any team graphics - Optional floating control panel - Manually set any display - Snow Leopard and Lion Compatible - Scoreboard fits any monitor, including projectors - Install on all of your Macs