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Visual Renamer is your new first step in media post production. Whether you are a filmmaker, photographer, or videographer, you may come back from a shoot with hundreds, if not thousands of media files that need to be renamed and organized before editing can begin. Visual Renamer helps make this process simple by combining the speed of batch renaming with the accuracy of renaming files individually. Visual Renamer works with videos, photos, audio files, and documents of any kind. Simply drag, drop and rename. Speed up your work flow today! **Features Include: • Batch Rename thousands of files in seconds. • Or log hundreds of video clips in minutes. • Preview Movies, Photos, and Audio files to rename with accuracy. • Customize the appearance of file increments. • Auto Renaming features for additional renaming speed. **Support: We are happy to provide friendly and efficient customer support via email. Please contact us directly at And if you have any additional questions, comments, suggestions or just want to stay up to date with the latest Visual Renamer version news. Please visit us at: Twitter: Facebook: Web: