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###Warning###: * This is an early release of a graphical editor to visualise the 5 Thinking Processes. If you don't know Theory of Constraints (TOC) and the Thinking Processes, then you should not buy this application as they are not explained by the application. * The Node Types and how they should work together are not always perfect. Please let me know where they are not fit for purpose and I will release a better version. * In order to compensate I added temporarily the Node Type Editor feature to make adjustments to the Node Types. Please note, that the node type editor will be removed once the node types are fit for purpose. Over the next 12 months will I add/change: * Analysis of reachable nodes for identification of the core cause * I would like to provide starting templates, e.g. show all five key nodes for the evaporating cloud as a starting point for a diagram. * More information per node (e.g. state of legitimate reservation via icons) * and of course: adding requested features. Please try it out and enjoy. I promise that the quality will improve over time - and the price will increase. Buy now at a cheap price with some imperfections or better quality later at a higher price. Please don't buy if you want to a perfect application. On the other side, I have two similar applications in the App Store with the same engine for other use cases. So, you don't have to worry that it doesn't work.