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VNC Connect is a best starting place for all of your remote computer activities. At a glance you can see network status of your remote computers. If computer you want connect to is offline, you can wake it with Wake-On-Lan message and then connect with VNC or SSH client. -- VNC & SSH VNC Connect uses Apple's own Screen Sharing VNC client to start VNC sessions and for SSH sessions. -- Wake-On-LAN Send WOL request to wake remote computer before connecting to VNC or SSH server. In order to do so, host should have WOL feature enabled. -- Monitor network reachability status of computers VNC Connect pings your remote computers. You will see green indicator next to computer if host is reachable and red indicator if not. -- Auto-wake before connecting Automated workflow: 1. Check network reachability of the host. 2. If host is offline, wake it with WOL. 3. Give host a user-defined amount of time to boot. 4. Connect with VNC or SSH.