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Tool to Load, Open, Read and Convert Microsoft Visio Drawings. Simple, beautiful app for viewing Microsoft Visio (.vsd, vsdx, vss, vssx) files into .PDF (Vector Editable) and .EPS. VSDConverter features: . Convert Microsoft Visio (VSD, VSDX, VSS and VSSX) files into PDF and EPS documents (Pro Feature); . Allows users to Open VSD, VSDX, VSS and VSSX file data in latest macOS; . Doesn't need of Microsoft Visio, Internet Connection, Adobe Acrobat or any other tool; . Drag and Drop to Open and View; . No file size limitation to read files (only Pro Version); Opening Microsoft Visio format files on macOS is easy and free now. Simple and useful productive tool for designers. If you have any ideas or features, feel free to drop a message regarding your opinions by using our contact us page. --- Notable Features --- 1. VSDConverter runs on your macOS. 2. VSDConverter can export your Microsoft Visio files to Vector PDF and EPS file formats (Pro Feature). 3. Provides an option to zoom-in-out and fast file reading. 4. All previously opened Visio files are archived for faster access for later use. 5. Supports Latest Microsoft Visio versions. 6. Automatic Version Detection. Limitations - Free Version allows you to open 10 files daily. Size limitation is 1 Mb. You can upgrade to Pro version any time with in-app purchase, Pro version allows you - export to PDF and EPS, - daily unlimited file view, - open unlimited file size. Also You can always send us your feedback through feedback button. If you need us you can find us at @BluetailTeam on Twitter, at facebook.com/BluetailTeam, or blue-tail.com/support/feedback/, we love hearing from you!