WallBot – Wallpaper Assistant

OS X 10.12
Wallbot is the first wallpaper app that uses Machine learning to detect what kind of photos you like and find similar ones. It is a minimalistic Menu Bar app, that will automatically manage your desktop wallpaper with amazing photos from Unsplash. There are a lot of photos to be discovered and many more added everyday by very talented photographers. ● Machine Learning! The app uses machine learning to find what the current photo contains and shows inside a separate category only photos based on what you like. It also shows what photo contains with the accuracy followed by a like & dislike button to find out what kind of photos you like. ● Easy to use! The app is very simple to use: You choose from the Menu Bar a category, or a photo from a category and the desktop wallpaper will be changed. After that your desktop background photo will automatically change after specific time interval (default is one day but it can be changed to be less or more frequent). At any time you can change the category and the background photo will be changed immediately. ● 100% automated and flexible! You just have to check “Launch at startup” option and the app will automatically change your wallpaper everyday. Configure the app to fit your needs by modifying the change image time interval from daily to hourly or weekly. Change the category to have only the wallpapers you want. ● Based on what you like category! It is one revolutionary feature that learns what’s in the wallpapers you like and uses that to be able to suggest images for your tastes! Select this category and you’ll see only suggested images as desktop’s background. It is also adapting and changing so you won’t see the same stuff over and over again! Everything is done locally, by using Apple’s newest framework: CoreML, so your personal information is safe. ● Rich content! There are a lot of photos from where to choose organised in categories and by using a simple interface it makes the app even more powerful. You’ll never run out of wallpapers, that’s a promise! ● Social! Share your favourite images with your friends by sharing wallpapers on Facebook, Twitter or by messages. Don’t keep them only for yourself :) ————————————————— For this app to be able to automatically change your desktop picture it is recommended to choose to Launch at startup so you don't have to worry about anything. When your mac starts, it will also start and automatically change wallpaper when the time has come. It uses insignificantly resources so you won't even notice it is on. We hope you'll enjoy WallBot and we want to hear what you think about it and how we can improve it so make sure you leave a feedback on email at silviu.st7@gmail.com