Watermark FX: rename, resize & convert photos – add logo, text or line

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Watermark FX combines features of powerful image converter and easy-to-use image editor. It is packed with powerful tools that let you add logos, and a variety of text and line watermark effects to hundreds of your photos at once. Application also converts images into other file formats, changes names or sizes and more. - Import your PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PSD and ICNS pictures - Change names and sizes - Watermark multiple images with one click - Write text on your pictures and use any font, size or color that you like - Place logos exactly where you want them - Protect your images with waterlines of any color and opacity level - Convert images into PNG, JPEG, GIF and TIFF formats Watermark FX converts multiple photos at once and is particularly useful to photographers, designers, and people who just want to have fun with their photos or upload them online and protect them with watermarks. Most important, it converts hundreds of images at once - so now you don’t have to convert every photo individually.