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Always stay up to date with the weather with a stylish weather widget on your desktop! A selection of attractive widget designs to choose from. Use the widget to give you an overview of the weather, or for a more in-depth forecast you can open the detailed weather window. The Weather Widget app icon also gives you a brief forecast or overview of current conditions in both the Dock and the menu bar. Weather Forecast - Forecast locations worldwide - Multiple locations support - Imperial or Metric units (F & mph or C & km/h) - Start at login option Widget - Choose from a selection of widget design options - Move your widget anywhere on your desktop with the Click & Drag feature in the app preferences - Option to resize your widget - Option to change opacity of your widget (make it see-through) - Hot corner functionality: set a hot corner to instantly reveal desktop & widget by moving mouse to that corner - “Show Desktop” functionality: moves all windows away to show desktop & widget after a set period of inactivity Menu bar Weather - Menu bar can be set to show current temperature, forecast or wind - One click on menu bar shows brief drop-down forecast - Easy access to app menu to open detailed weather window and app settings Detailed Weather - Click the dock icon once to bring up the detailed weather window