WebShield (Safer Internet Navigation)

OS X 10.9
• The only AdBlocker that works with any browser (including Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera) • WebShield makes your Internet experience safer, cleaner and faster. It will solve your current navigation problems and prevent new ones. WebShield can block ads, video ads, user tracking services, malicious and dangerous sites on any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and all Mac applications that display online resources (including Mail). It can also clean navigation history, sessions, cookies and other traces from your system. So, if your browser is slow or runs clunky, this is your solution ! Main Features • Block annoying ads, rollover ads, video ads, banners and other marketing content in all browsers and applications on your Mac • Limit inappropriate content (malware, adult, gambling sites and other dangerous domains) and make the navigation safer • Clean your browsers and Mac: remove your navigation history, cookies, temporary files and other sensitive information (hundreds of megabytes can be stored in your browser’s cache) (works with Safari, Chrome and Firefox). You can also remove cached and temporary files from your Mac • Remove adware: no more malware that opens pop-up windows with advertisement or fraudulent information and scams Extra Features • Make your browsers much faster and Internet navigation safer by limiting ads, video ads, tracking and dangerous domains (malware, phishing, adult, gambling) - perfect for kids, schools, businesses and casual navigation • Protect your privacy by blocking user tracking and statistics services • Block browser extension download (many malware sites can install malicious browser add-ons without your knowledge) • Disable Facebook widgets (Comments, Feed, Follow, Like and Share widgets), Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest widgets (Tweet, +1, Pin and other widgets) • Clean your browsers and don’t let anyone see where you were surfing and what you were doing on your Mac • Clean your Mac: remove system and application caches, logs, temporary files and many more • Define your own filter rules with custom websites and domains Extra Tools • Safe Browser: a builtin browser with private navigation without history, cookies, scripts or plugins The app predefines: • 5.000+ domains serving ads or tracking services • Over 40.000 domains with inappropriate content: adult, aggressive, spyware or services keeping an eye on where you surf and what you do • Many more domains are blocked by keywords Notes • The app will NOT monitor or collect your traffic in any way - your connection will remain direct • WebShield predefines known ad services, malware or dangerous sites. Please note that it's possible for some webpages to be accessible although the content is inappropriate • The database of blocked domains is constantly updated with new entries Support We read your support emails every day, day by day. Write with confidence any question, feedback or complain and you will receive an answer in a very short period of time.