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This version of WebSonar was designed for teachers. One library for each student in a class. Internet access is not required to use on a local area network. Desktop Publishing Reinvented. Now you can archive and share your student's Portfolios, hosted on your school computer without trading their privacy. The content of the libraries can not be indexed by the robot search engines. WebSonar dynamically provides a WWW presence from flies stored in individual libraries on your computer. Each library can contain PDF, image, audio, and video content. The content can be searched at the page level or by Title. Each page has a searchable note that can be used for bookmarking and collaboration. Adding new content to each library is simple; just drag any files that you want to include into one of the Library's content folders and then select the "Index My Library" link in your Library's Settings Panel. That's it. All the libraries are now just a click away in any web browser.