Welding Basics

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Learn the basics of welding with this highly informative selection of MORE THAN 215 tutorial video lessons. Discover the techniques, tip & tricks for all kinds of welding processes including mig, tig, stick and fabrication and more. Use this app as a “Video Referencing Library” where you can come back for a refresher lesson or search for how to do something new. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating. ** Search by title or notes. ** View by favourites or rating. ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos. Lessons include: Mig Welding Basics Mig Welding Basics 2 Mig Welding Basics part 3-Setting Voltage and Wire Speed Mig Welding Basics 4 - Avoiding LOF - Ice Bucket Words Mig Welding Basics part 5 - Practice MIG Welding Basics part 6 Tee Joint Drill Mig Welding Basics part 7 Vertical Tee Joint Drill MIG Welding Overhead - Mig basics part 8 Stick Welding Rods and a lot More Stick Welding Tips - 3 welders Stick Welding Tips for a 4g Overhead Weld Test 7018 Welding Flat and Horizontal Stick Welding Tips- 7018 2g Plate Test Stick Welding Tips Vertical 7018 7018 Welding Overhead Vertical and Horizontal Welding Fabrication Basics - Part 1 Welding Fabrication Basics - Part 2 MIG Welding Basics TIG Welding Basics Overview TIG Welding Basics part 2 QA TIG Welding Basics part 3 - Which Polarity for What TIG Welding Aluminum - Tips for 2f Tee Joints Tig Welding Thin Aluminum Basics of Stick Welding Teach Yourself Stick Welding Part 1 of 5 How To Stick Weld Fillet Welds Lap Joints Teach Yourself Stick Welding Part 2 of 5 Stick Welding Thin Thick Steel Teach Yourself Stick Welding Part 3 of 5 Teach Yourself Stick Welding Part 4 of 5 How to Weld 7018 Z Weave Vertical Up Stick Welding Technique How To Weld With 6010 and 6011 Overhead Stick Welding Tutorial Teach Yourself Stick Welding Pt 5 of 5 Welding Position 1F - Flat Fillet Weld Welding Position 1G - Flat Groove Weld Welding Position 2F - Horizontal Fillet Weld Welding Position 2G - Horizontal Groove Weld Welding Position 3F - Vertical Fillet Weld Welding Position 3G - Vertical Groove Weld Welding Position 4F - Overhead Fillet Weld Welding Position 4G - Overhead Groove Weld Stick Welding Square Tubing 6G Pipe Stick Welding Stick Weld Trouble-Shooting Common Problems Solutions Inside Arc Welding 3 Horizontal Position - 1942 Stick Welding Aluminum Revisited - With the Everlast PowerARC 300 TIG WELDING COPPER TIPS AND TRICKS 7018 open root stick welding How To Weld Joint Prep and Beveling 101 Stick Welding Techniques and a Few Tips STICK WELDING RODS FOR ARC WELDING EXPLAINED Arc Welding 2 by Steve Bleile 2G Stick Welding Pipe Lesson - Stick Welding Pipe Part 2 of 4 with EVERLAST Welders Stick Welding Tips for Passing a Structural Plate Welding Test - part 1 STICK WELDING BASICS - ARC WELDING EXPLAINED Arc Welding How to weld overhead on SMAW Stick Welding Lap Joints with a Lincoln Tombstone Buzz Box and 6011 6013 7018AC rods super slow motion movie from gas metal arc welding Welding A Diesel Cast Iron Engine Block with 77 Arc Electrode WELDING FAMILY TREE - GTAW GMAW SMAW FCAW EXPLAINED AC vs DC Stick Welding Arc Welding Tips and Tricks-Uphill Laps and more Stick Welding E7018 Flat Pipeline Welding Mainline Stick welding stainless steel pipe SMAW 1G Flat Groove Weld Stick Welding Tips for 6010 Open Root 7018 fill cap Virtual Welding Now also available for MMAW and more