Whack A Zombie

OS X 10.6.6
Zombies have come back from the grave and are out to get you! Use your mouse to fight them off and return them to the afterlife! Play the classic arcade mode and see how long you can last with zombies coming faster and faster with each wave! Try out Blitz mode and see how many monsters you can smash in 30 seconds! Game Features ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! AND MORE ZOMBIES! A never ending army of zombies are relentless in their quest for brains! CLICK TO WHACK Bop zombies back to the grave as fast as you can! TWO GAMES MODES Arcade and Blitz modes will keep you coming back for more! ANIMATED MONSTERS Tons of adorable animations and different zombies to thump! HIGH DEFINITION GRAPHICS Prepare for your retina to be dazzled with crisp graphics and lightning fast performance! Big thanks to Kevin MacLeod for providing great music for the game: Pop Goes The Weasel by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com)