WHIRLPOOL DERBY — Grand Crash Auto

OS X 10.6.6
LAUNCH SALE - 50% Demolish everyone in your path! Jump into the most dyniamic, intense derby you will ever experience! Get behind the wheels of amazing-looking cars and feel the thrill when you hear their engine roar! Smash your opponents to pieces or push them out of the arena to wreck mayhem! Be careful though, the very same thing may happen to you! You'll definitely appreciate and love this game if you're a fan of GTA, MTA, SAMP or are a car junkie! Features: - Many beautiful and detailed customizable car models - Exciting and dynamic gameplay - Realistic and thrilling engine sounds - Amazing non-junk rewards for completing various tasks - HD graphics and breathtaking effects - Clear and straight-forward menu Warning! This is a highly competetive and addictive game. Lots of fun GUARANTEED!