Whoopee – Transfer, Share, Backup files & photos fast and easily

OS X 10.10
How do you send, share or backup the photos, videos, musics and other files between your mobile phones or tablets and computers? Your digital photos, videos, documents, music, and other files are spread across a range of devices from your mobile phones to tablets and your computers. The devices are running different operating systems and therefore there’s no standard method that will allow you to easily copy files from one device to another. Whoopee is the simplest and most secure way to send, share and backup photos and videos between your OSX devices and iOS devices(even across platforms) without cables or any cloud server! KEY FEATURES: - Easy & Secure Photos, videos and documents never leave your local network nor go over the Internet, keeping your photos, videos, musics and other files safe. No need to login to cloud. You don’t need to worry about copies somewhere over the internet. No cable required. Just connect to wifi network or turn on both wifi and bluetooth for Multipeer Connectivity. Two devices send and receive photos, videos and other files wirelessly. - Automatic detection You can find your devices automatically on the same WIFI network or in using Mutipeer Connectivity. Select the device to start and send your files. - No limits of size You can send large video files without any limitation of data and time because it’s on your wifi network. So there is no loss of image quality and no limits of size when you send files. - Convenient to send across platforms It allows you to send photos, videos and other files to your device by drag & drop. With Whoopee for OSX and iOS, you can share photos, videos and other files over wireless within and across platforms. Simply you can chat between two devices, and select the file you want to share it to someone else in the same wifi network through Whoopee. You can check the times when it saved. Also you can retry to send or receive. - Multipeer Connectivity If you have Multipeer Connectivity-enabled devices. Whoopee connect each other anywhere, anytime, even when there is not access to a WiFi network. You can send files to each other with Multipeer Connectivity if you turn on both wifi and bluetooth. -- Requirements * Access to a wifi network. Some public wifi networks like at hotels or public spaces are configured to block communication between devices. In this case you have to change the wifi network. * Both of devices need to have this app installed *To use Multipeer Connectivity feature, you should have Multipeer Connectivity-enabled devices and turn on both wifi and bluetooth.