WiFi Radar

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WiFiRadar PRO (v2.0) - is out! 50% off for limited time only @ website (http://www.wifiradarpro.com). --- Due to App Store restrictions, this version will only be available outside the App Store. ----------------------------------------- The Coolest way to scan for Wireless Networks - the Mac way! - Works in Lion - Works with Airport cards (MacBook, MacBook Pro, etc) - Ultra-intuitive, easy-to-use interface - Beautiful graphics - Scan for networks with a single click Wanna monitor your home network signal strength? Are you simply wanting to try different networks? Waiting in the car and wanting to play around? Then WiFi Radar is for you! Features : = Lists all available wireless networks = Lots of info per network : - AP Name (SSID), - BSSID (AP Mac Address), - Channel, - RSSI / Signal, - Encryption / Open/Password-protected, - HT / CC, - Last-Seen Time = Graph for currently selected network signal over a period of time = Auto-pilot mode : scan wireless network with a single click = Advanced : Optionally change used interface = Export results to a CSV for further processing Get WiFi Radar and put the fun back into wireless scanning! ;-)