Winmail.dat to EML Converter

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Winmail.dat to EML Converter is the easiest and most elegant way to convert winmail.dat files to .eml files on your Mac. It comes with many upgraded functions and brand new features, including: Design of OS X Yosemite Style * Uses the same design concepts Apple just introduced in OS X Yosemite, and has a gorgeous, clean, translucent, and intuitive design. * Comes with Bright Mode and Dark Mode, and switches easily between them for your preference. Convert in Bulk * Convert multiple winmail.dat files to .eml files in one shot. Preview the Contents * Double click a winmail.dat file or drop it into the app to view its contents (texts and attachments). * Preview attachments using QuickLook. * Opens all winmail.dat files in one window, saving you the trouble of constantly switching among different windows when viewing multiple winmail.dat files simultaneously. * Preserves the sender, receiver, date, and subject info of winmail.dat files. Work on Attachments * Double click to open attachments. * Drag-n-drop to export single or multiple attachments. If you have any questions or problems with this app, please contact for tech support.