Winmail Extractor – Viewer for winmail.dat files

OS X 10.7
*** LIMITED TIME SALE - 60% OFF *** Winmail Extractor can quickly view and save the important contents of "winmail" and "winmail.dat" files. Review by Noisy Robot - 5 Stars "This app successfully extracted a PDF from a .dat after other tools failed. It is unfortunate that such an app is even necessary, but as long as Outlook keeps sending ridiculous attachments I'll be keeping this handy." Review by Sir Brian - 5 Stars "After a frustrating few hours cursing Microsoft for creating this problem and Apple for failing to deal with it and a failure with another purported fix, I gritted my teeth and downloaded this Ap. It works! Disgraceful that it should be needed, but all credit to the designer. I just opened ten PDF attachments and all went well. £2.99 well spent." • Drag and drop winmail files to open • Easily see the contents from each icon. • Preview all files using Quick Look • Drag and drop any file to your desktop / folder or another application. • Double click any file to open this file. • Export all files via the Save Files button SUPPORT: If you have a problem with Winmail Extractor or a file wont work, please email and we can help with any issues you have.