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Winmail Reader

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* * * ON SALE! Limited time offer. (Original price US$7.99) * * * Winmail Reader is ultimate tool for reading "winmail.dat" attachment files. Winmail Reader is allows to open, view and save attachments from "winmail.dat" files. In addition, it also support batch extraction of winmail.dat files directly into Download folder. Winmail.dat files are in fact TNEF format (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format) sent from MS Outlook which is not decode by most of other mail client applications. The easy-to-use solution to circumvent this problem is provided by Winmail Reader. ***** Winmail Reader for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod) is available on the iTunes App Store. ***** FEATURES: • Decodes TNEF "winmail.dat" files and list all attachments contained in it including email message. • Save one or all extracted attachments wherever you want. • Simply Drag and Drop out from file list to save at target location. • Quick Look or Open to view attached files into respective default applications. • You can just select and copy-paste attachments to Finder. • You can resend entire decoded email as it is with message and extracted attachments. • Winmail Extractor to batch extract all attached files from "winmail.dat" files directly into your downloads folder. ADVANCE DECODE FEATURES: • Creates and adds Microsoft Outlook Appointment to Mac OS Calendar. • Creates and adds Microsoft Outlook Meeting request to Mac OS Calendar or Reminder. It also reads embedded note. • Creates and adds contact address card into Mac OS Contacts. • Support to read more message class attributes like Sticky Notes, Recall, Activity, Post and multiple Contacts list. • Support to handle nested TNEF attachments. • Support to extract embedded OLE object as separate attachment. • Reads nested message in full RTF format as separate file.