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Wizkers Radio is an amateur radio rig controller and much more. Wizkers Radio is compatible with fldigi, RUMLog, WSJT-X and others, and beyond rig control gives you extensive monitoring and configuration options. The best supported radios and amplifiers are the Elecraft KX3, KX2, K3 and KXPA100, but some Yaesu radios are also supported, as well as the Kenwood TM-V71 VHF/UFH transceiver - including a full memory editor. A full list of supported equipment is available at wizkers.io. Beyond rig control, Wizkers Radio is also a great interface for ham radio equipment such as the Sark110 vector antenna analyzer, or the Telepost LP-100A power meter, to name a few. Last, you can use Wizkers Radio for remote operations thanks to its 'output plugin' architecture. Full support forum is available at the support URL, and documentation is available on our main website.