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Word Counter Pro is a simple and powerful application for writers. With Word Counter Pro you can view statistics of your writing such as Word count, Character count, Sentence count, Line count, Paragraph count, and more. Word Counter Pro allows you to view stats in six different ways: 1. Type or paste text in the window. 2. Drag and drop a supported text file to the window. 3. Have Word Counter Pro watch a supported text file as you edit it in another application. When Word Counter Pro is watching a text file, a popover will appear in the menubar displaying stats that will be updated as you write. 4. Use the Word Counter Pro Action Extension to get stats of selected text in any text editing app that supports Action Extensions (like TextEdit). 5. Select the "Get stats from Word Counter Pro" menu item from the Services menu for selected text in practically any text editing apps on macOS. 6. Select a rtf, rtfd, txt, or docx file in Finder and choose the "Watch in Word Counter Pro" menu item from the Services menu. Word Counter Pro also allows you to apply custom settings. Some of the custom settings you can specify include: -Setting a custom page size for measuring Line count. For accuracy, Word Counter Pro calculates the Line count by measuring against a particular page size. -Changing the left and right margin of the custom page size, which also will impact the Line count. -Enforcing a minimum number of sentences required for Paragraph count. Most word processing software will incorrectly count titles and lines of text in headers as paragraphs, even though they are not part of the body of your document. Requiring a certain number of sentences per paragraph can result in a more accurate paragraph count, since dangling words are not counted as paragraphs. -Optionally have Word Counter Pro report the Word count to you verbally while it watches a document you are editing. Word Counter Pro supports the following file types: -rtfd -rtf -txt -docx Additional Features: -Get stats for multiple files in a single operation. -Export stats for documents to a separate file on disk.