Word Fireworks: Learn Chinese!

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Learn to read and write Chinese...with fireworks! • From the maker of Lunacraft, The Grading Game, and Ratatap Drums, with over 10,000 five-star reviews! • Join the S.P.A.R.K. team in Shanghai! Explode fireworks, make contact with aliens, and do it all while learning a new language! Over the course of more than 100 levels, your S.P.A.R.K. training will initiate you into: • recognizing Chinese tones • reading and pronouncing pinyin • reading and writing characters • understanding spoken Chinese (with both male and female recordings!) • and learning everyday vocabulary! Each level is procedurally generated to give you the most useful balance of reinforcement, review, and new material. The more you play, the better Word Fireworks tailors its levels to you! Make it through sprint levels, audio listening stages, and confusion-clearing challenges to put on your own fireworks show! Unlock more than 100 types of fireworks, from the Chrysanthemum to the Donut Kebab. Or make use your creativity and make your own custom firework design! Word Fireworks features male and female voice recordings so you can get the language in your ear. You'll learn the proper pronunciation of Chinese and the correct stroke orders for characters, all while exploding fireworks and dodging UFOs! Kickstart your Mandarin Chinese learning by lighting up the night sky with gorgeous pyrotechnics -- with Word Fireworks Chinese!