Word Search: Word Puzzle Game

OS X 10.9.0
Word Search is a popular Word Formation Puzzle game specifically designed for Word Game Buffs. Word Search Puzzle game starts off easy but challenges you as you play more levels. Remember, in Word Search Puzzle game, all of the levels can be completed! Just don't give up!! In Word Search alphabets move down your screen, and your objective is to tap on the different letter to form as many words as you can in the stipulated time limit. You can get bonuses by creating words by using the letters shown at the beginning of each level to get more points to easily complete each Word Search Level. Avoid the letter Bombs!! In each level, Letter Bombs float down the screen, which you have to avoid at all costs! This would destroy the letters around the bomb, making it harder to finish the level. With Word Search Puzzle game you can increase your vocabulary by playing the game! Finishing all the levels in Word Search is all about having a good vocabulary, and if you think you have it in you, this game is just for you! So what are you waiting for?? Download Word Search Puzzle game Now and have hours of fun with all of your friends and family. Tired of finding a suitable Word game Online? Fret not, Word Search is all set to test your vocabulary skills. **** Word Search Features **** 1. Great exercise for the brain 2. 2 Different Game Modes 3. 30 Different Levels 4. Starts easy and get increasingly exciting 5. Beautiful Graphics and User Experience This word game is for you. Don't forget to Rate and Review... If you have any suggestions, Please write to us so that we can make it better! Enjoy playing Word Search and also don’t forget to share it with your friends!