Word Wow Around the World

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Word Wow AROUND THE WORLD – The worm is back with a fun new word game! Puzzle your way around the globe with your word making skills. *Word Wow word games have been downloaded over 3.5 million times! – THANK YOU! New double sized boards, fun boosters and worm holes will challenge even the best game players. A NEW timer-free option is available for those who want relaxing game play. Book your ticket and travel with the worm! Use your word making skills to help navigate the worm down towers of letters, but watch out for the new double ice traps! Puzzle your way down and around obstacles, before time runs out. Collect special boosters along the way to help you through brain busting levels! Find hidden gems to unlock bonus puzzles where you can really rack up the points! If you’re a bookworm or love boggle, crosswords and puzzle games, you’ll be a natural! Word Wow AROUND THE WORLD will sharpen your brain and become your new go-to word game! FEATURES DOUBLE sized puzzle boards = more word game fun! Over 430 levels to hone your skills and challenge your brain. Adorable character and bright, colorful graphics transport you around the world! Plenty of hidden bonus levels for dedicated word game fans. Tons of new boosters and rewards! Timer-free mode. Compete against your Facebook friends or puzzle your brain solo. Find out how you measure up with local and worldwide record book rankings! Free daily bonuses to help you when you need it. PLEASE NOTE : This version does not have any advertisements and so only the first 7 levels are free to play before requiring a purchase to unlock the rest of the levels. ** Word Wow Reviews ** 5/5 “Highly Addictive!!! Can't get enough of this fun word game!” 5/5 “This game is a lot of fun and the worm is so cute!” 5/5 “Great game for book lovers! Helps keep my brain sharp…I can’t stop playing Word Wow.”