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Count and display the number of characters, words, lines and UTF8 characters in anything you select at anywhere with this elegant app! (attention: setting interface located in status menu bar) Still counting words by hand? Still copy-pasting into Microsoft Word just to get the word count? No offense, but you need something less clumsy and more convenient, like a specialized app that can count characters and words without you having to leave your browser or email client. wordCount is exactly what you need! A simple, easy-to-use app for whatever you might be doing. Just highlight a selection, a delicate window will pop up and give you the character and word counts. It's that easy! Not only can this app count Western alphabets (Latin and Cyrillic), it can even count UTF-8 foreign characters, such as Chinese, Korean or Arabic. With customizable controls, you would enjoy the come and go of the little counter window. *Yes, it works with PDF files, it works anywhere as long as you can select and copy! Features: v1.21 - count not only western alphabets, words and lines, but also UTF8 characters - tiny, non-distracting pop-up counter window that fades out automatically - black, blue and red backgrounds. - dock menu icon can be hidden - customizable auxiliary hotkey (*see tips below for detail) - counter window can be set to disappear after a set time, between 1 and 15 seconds. - toggleable, app can automatically copy selection to Clipboard while counting. v1.21 -> v2.00 - major upgrade version for former version user working on macOS Sierra - faster response on auxiliary key triggering - display dock icon option improved - customizable auxiliary key is removed and replaced by a fixed 'Command C' key - Auxiliary Key Tip is removed - auto open at login check box was removed - tip added for auto open at login (auto start) - Disclaimer Statement added - Easy Start Tips and picture updated - more by dragonBTV updated v2.00 -> v2.02 - color of tip window changed to white - app size dramatically reduced - menu re-arranged for simplification - more by dragonBTV simplified - performance improvements for macOS 10.13 High Sierra Disclaimer Statement: We are releasing this upgrade for the benefit of wordCount users since 2012. For all new users, please use our other app named "Word Count Popup". As wordCount was coded under a former macOS system and is no longer working properly with macOS Sierra due to changes made to the Sandbox platform. To keep your investment, we've done our best by releasing this upgraded version. Compared with the former version of wordCount, the only difference is the "Customizable Auxiliary Key" to trigger your word count. This key is now fixed to "Command + C" in this version due to the aforementioned changes in macOS. Thank you for your understanding! dragonBTV Los Angeles, California Easy Start Tip: It is very easy to start with wordCount. Highlight anything at anywhere with your trackpad or mouse. Hit the auxiliary key (default is set to command key) before releasing your finger or mouse key, then release them together. The colorful counter window will pop-up right under your mouse pointer. The counter window will fade out according to your setting (default is set to 5 seconds) or you may close it at anytime by just clicking it. Auxiliary Key Tip: As wordCount is designed to count any selection you make, a auxiliary key is added to make sure it doesn't count anything you did not intend it to. By default, the auxiliary key is set to command key. You may change the auxiliary key to any combination of four keys (command, shift, option, and control) or none to make wordCount work without the need of pressing an auxiliary key. However, in the situation where no auxiliary key is selected, wordCount may occasionally misunderstand some of your dragging operations and pop-up itself unexpectedly.