WordPerfect Document Reader – Open & Convert Your WPD Files

OS X 10.7
WordPerfect Document Reader is a powerful document reader that helps you view, search, and convert your WordPerfect documents (.wpd) right on your Mac. From zooming to rotation to different viewing styles and page view modes, WordPerfect Document Reader has a number of features to make sure you would have the best viewing experience. WordPerfect Document Reader also can work as a converter turning WordPerfect documents (.wpd) to PDFs (so you can share them with others who cannot view .wpd files) or to RTFD or TXT (so you can edit the contents). Get a copy now, and you no longer would need Windows laptops for just reading .wpd documents! Contact the developer for assistance: dengxinbei.assistance@gmail.com ****************************************** Highlights: * Double click to open WordPerfect documents (.wpd). * Two viewing styles: With Thumbnails / Contents Only. * Three page view modes: Single Page / Two Pages / Continuous Scroll. * Zoom in / out to have a better viewing experience. * Add bookmarks to those documents. * Search the full text, finding whatever you are looking for with ease. * Convert WPD documents to files in PDF, RTFD, and TXT. * Export images in those documents to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF. * Print out the document you are browsing.