Working Memory Tests for Science

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This app has been developed to assess and demonstrate working memory, and has been developed primarily for research and teaching purposes within the fields of psychology, sports science and other related sciences. Currently there are two different types of test within the app – number recall and pattern recall, each consisting of a range of different settings. The tests have been designed so that users can change variables such as the duration that the participant is permitted to memorise the sequence or pattern, and the duration that the participant must wait before inputting their recalled response. Difficulty can be changed at any time with the easiest setting being recall of 4 numbers or a pattern containing 4 lights, and the hardest setting containing 15 numbers/lights. Within the tests, trials can be administered as many times as desired and the app will log the number of correct/incorrect responses for a given difficulty. Teachers may wish to demonstrate principles of working memory capacity to students utilising the different timer settings e.g. immediate recall vs recall 15s, 30s or 60s after removal of the stimulus. If you would like any modifications to these protocols, additional protocols, or would like extra data in the output, please email and I will update the app with modifications and/or new content.