Working With Objects 102 Video

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There are countless gems of valuable workflow tips sprinkled throughout Working With Objects that will help you better understand how Motion 5 works –and soon, with ever talented Michael Wohl by your side, you’ll be creating your own Objects and setting them in motion. Have fun! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Project Properties 3. Importing Stills 4. Importing Layered Photoshop Files 5. Collapsing Animations 6. Advanced Transformations 7. Canvas View Options 8. Understanding Groups 9. Managing Clip Order 10. Layers List View Options 11. Managing Media 12. Bezier Shapes 13. B-Spline Shapes 14. Gradient Fills 15. Outline Options 16. Airbrush Outlines 17. Image Brushes 18. Complex Image Brushes 19. Advanced Stroke Control 20. Paint-strokes 21. Write-On Effects 22. Shape Styles 23. Creating a Mask 24. Freehand and Mask Intersections 25. Bezier & B-Spline Masks