Writed – Distraction-free text editor

OS X 10.7
Writed is a distraction free text editor that will help you type more in less time. Writed uses markdown* syntax to format your document in real time, keep both your hand on the keyboard and just type. When you want to print or export to PDF just choose your print theme and the document gets beautifully formatted the way you want. Features: - Full Screen focus mode - 5 different themes - Real time markdown formatting - 2 Print/PDF themes - 5 Premium Print/PDF themes - Premium feature - Keyboard shortcuts for formatting - Voice dictation support - Native Markdown document support - Real time spell checking Documents exports to: - PDF - HTML - Markdown - Word (.doc & .docx) - Premium feature - ODF (.odt) - Premium feature - Rich Text (.rtf) - Premium feature * Markdown is a markup language with plain text formatting syntax, really simple to use. Note: Writed is not your typical word processor, its even better. Your document is separated into the model, the one you edit and the view, the one you print or export. You can't edit the font, color or size of the text, just focus on the text itself.