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Writer is a powerful word processor for the Mac. Create beautiful documents with several writing tools with great flexibility and ease. Create a document from scratch or import an existing document and start typing away with several font and formatting options. With Writer, all documents created are stored in the cloud allowing you to access your documents from anywhere. With the power of the cloud, your documents are all auto-versioning making sure you never loose anything. You can share the documents with detailed permissions and collaboratively edit the documents with multiple users simultaneously. HIGHLIGHTS - A beautiful user interface that lets you focus on the document you are working on. - The MenuTab toolbar that allows you to access various features through a Menu as well as a Tab interface. - Import and edit your existing document maintaining unparalleled document fidelity. - Supported file formats include Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) and Open Office formats. - Save your documents in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Open Office formats, PDF, RTF and other formats. - Format your documents using various fonts and formatting options - Insert images, tables, shapes, symbols and equations into your documents. - Add endnotes, footnotes, page numbers, table of contents and view word counts and more to your documents. - Flexible page layout options to change page size and orientation with various options. - Define custom margins, add headers, footers, page colors and watermarks to your document. - Make no mistake with inbuilt spell check in 40+ languages and Thesaurus. - Never loose any data with auto versioning. All versions of your documents are stored allowing you to go back and revert back unwanted changes. - Share your documents with others with specific sharing permissions - read-only or read-write. - Publish your documents on the web. Default is always private. - Download the printable version of the document in PDF format to print your document. - Collaboratively work on documents. Multiple users editing the same document at the same time viewing changes in real-time. As the documents are stored in the cloud, you will require an internet connection to create and access your documents. Please share your feedback at support@zohowriter.com.