Writing Letters

OS X 10.5
Writing Letters What your child will learn: * The letters of the alphabet * The position of letters in the alphabet * The form of the letters in the alphabet * The sound of letter names * The sound of letter phonemes * How to write the letters * Includes both US-English and British-English voices. The eco-friendly alphabet and writing application WRITING LETTERS gives you: A unique touchscreen experience teaching how to write letters The possibility of practising as many times as your children wish, without the need for new paper or new crayons Tap-to-count interactive exercises with engaging animations A product available in four different languages Full instructions developed by educational experts The proven quality of a successful product with a long history of use in schools With a new interface, renewed graphics, this product adapts to your child's developmental needs, improving writing skills whilst teaching how to speak the names and phonemes of letters in a fun and creative way. The touchscreen experience makes this application a uniquely intuitive and effective learning tool for pre-schoolers, or children that need special assistance. With a proven track record in schools across the globe in improving basic writing skills, WRITING LETTERS will also help you save money, as it's much cheaper than buying endless paper and crayons. Learners may experiment writing or even cheat and draw anything they wish without the expense of writing materials. WRITING LETTERS saves you money, saves the planet and will definitely help your learners develop their writing skills all whilst having lots of fun.