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XAirports is a utility app that allows owner's of the popular flight simulator "X-Plane" to easily set COM and NAV radio frequencies and autopilot parameters while flying. This avoids pausing the sim to look up, memorize, and enter frequency data, as well as to fiddle with virtual knobs. XAirports is also a database software, containing over 34.000 airports available in X-Plane, plus associated ATC, ILS and VOR objects. Last but not least, XAirports can also display, save to disk and print PDF airport charts (SID/STAR) from a variety of publicly available sources. *FEATURES: -Database containing 34000 airports, 42000 runways, 22000 ATC, 3500 ILS and 9500 VOR. -Select COM/NAV radio frequencies with a mouse click and sent them to X-Plane, without the need to look up and memorize numbers, or pause the sim -Display, print and save airport charts (SID/STAR etc.) from over a dozen different sources -quickly set Auto-Pilot parameters and the Transponder -Filter database by airport name, ICAO code or runway length -sort airports by distance to your aircraft -sorting by distance and filtering by runway length answers, for example, the question "what's the nearest airport where my Airbus A380 can land at?" -display airports and nav aids as well as aircraft from X-Plane on a moving map. -Choose from 13 different map types. (IAP) -import and export your custom scenery data into and from the app (IAP) *SUPPORTED FLIGHT SIMULATORS - X-Plane 9.70 - X-Plane 10 -X-Plane 10 - Note: works out-of-the-box, no X-Plane plug-ins need to be installed