Youth Ministry

OS X 10.8
This app is built to help people doing Youth Ministry tackle and organize some of the detail-oriented parts of your work so that you can focus on the sorts of things that brought you into ministry in the first place. This first version provides templates for Retreat Planning and Building Teams. It walks you through each of those processes step by step, so that you can knock out the critical tasks without worrying about what's been left undone. RETREAT PLANNING The workflows guides you through all the detail work that goes into a retreat, like making sure you have somebody in charge of food and planning a menu, making sure you've booked housing and transportation, and deciding how much you should charge per person to cover the costs. It begins by helping you think about the basic purpose and theme of the retreat, and guides you through nitty gritty pieces like making a packing list and making sure you've have things taken care of while you are away. (How often have you forgotten to get somebody to teach class until you were on the road?) It'll help you organize your schedule and housing assignments, and if you want to plan out travel groups (How many vans/cars/drivers you have lined up), there's a place for that, too. TEAM BUILDING This workflow helps you track all the ongoing work of leading a team, from articulating the mission of the team, setting goals, and filling the needed roles of your team. It'll help you keep track of meeting notes and plans, and gives you space to keep track of what action items have been taken by which team members. Good youth ministries often employ several teams to accomplish their missions, and this template can help you launch, build, and lead those teams.