YTOnTop – always on top window for YouTube

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Do you want to see and hear the beautiful quality YouTube video constantly and continue to play, even if you use another application? All of us at some point to see the video, while working long, tedious tasks, this little OSX program allows you to YouTube video display all other active windows and you can continue to watch YouTube videos while you work on other tasks. YTOnTop is leading YouTube player for MAC, which allows you to high-definition video playback, you can see all the popular video formats on your Mac with hardware acceleration, faster and more smoothly with ease and unmatched comfort. It is a native application that feels good on the Mac. Insert video link Easily from YouTube, wherever you are and play. ADVANTAGES: • Quickly open all videos • Easily control screen size during video playback • Switch between YouTube videos using an intuitive interface. KEY FEATURES • Supports all YouTube videos • Full support for hardware acceleration for faster HD video playback and smooth • Powerful and intuitive Media Manager with integrated automatic identification of all the video files on your device Supported network protocols: • RTSP (RTP, SDP) • The gradual transfer of HTTP / HTTPS • HTTP / HTTPS live Simply copy the video URL from YouTube, paste it into the application and play it, the window will always appear on top of all other windows, even if you do something, so you can watch video on another application, such as Word, chrome, and something else to see while working on another task. Download the application now and enjoy Ahmad Shukr style and all your favorite videos and the standard of all time!