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Ride the waves of the ether with Zapping Radio+, the radio app that allows you to tune in more than 40,000 radio stations from more than 150 different countries, including Italy. Stream your favorite radio shows through an easy to use interface and select in a few taps nation, frequencies and enjoy the music. Do you miss the afternoons spent next to the radio, waiting for the DJ to put the right piece to record it and to create your compilation with the tape player? Zapping Radio+ is a vintage soul radio app: press REC and record your favorite songs to listen to them offline in full 80s style. Do not stop at the English radio programming and get ready to explore the world sounds thanks to a powerful and reliable radio app: tune in to Latin music stations in South America, let yourself be conquered by the distant radio vibrations of Asia, or listen to the news from Wall Street. Are you a chronic latecomer? Recover your favorite transmissions with over 10,000 podcasts from all over the world. • No registration required • More than 40,000 radio stations to be streamed without interruptions: music, news, talk, sports - entertainment just a touch away • Over 10,000 podcasts from around the world • Vibrations from the 5 continents: tuned to the radio stations of 190 countries and explore the worldwide radio scene • Simplified navigation • List of favorite radio stations • Take advantage of the REC function to record your favorite programs with one touch and listen to them offline • Enjoy your radio app without ads