Zen Timer – Gorgeous Focus Timer

OS X 10.9
Meet Zen Timer - the gorgeous Focus Timer that really works. While you work or study, Zen Timer uses fractal math to generate a unique new tree every time. Watch your tree mature slowly, growing leaves and getting bigger as the period progresses. When the period ends, the leaves gracefully fall to the ground, signifying that it is time to take a break. Using Zen Timer helps you get into the zone: The timer is organic, not mechanical. It does not distract you and it is beautiful to look at, at any stage. You can use Zen Timer in windowed mode or as a windowless application directly on your desktop. It is completely customizable, so you can set colors and sizes to fit any desktop design. Most importantly, the way it is designed and the way it works helps you relax, allowing you to work better and do more. Count your Time boxes with style! Key Features: - Organic, fractal, each-time-unique focus timer. - Fully customizable. - Easy to set, not distracting to use. - Beautiful to look at. - Windowed and windowless modes available. - Beautiful statistics: each unique tree is visible on your Progress report. This is just the beginning. We have plans to periodically update Zen Timer with various new designs, all inspired by nature. iPhone and iPad applications are also in the works. With your support, we plan to keep Zen Timer always fresh and beautiful, across all platforms. If you have any questions or want to share your feedback, just drop us a tweet: @SmartCodeHQ. For other inquiries or suggestions, we also provide fast, personal support via email - use the Support link here on the Mac App Store to contact us!