ZoomNotes Desktop

OS X 10.10
ZoomNotes Desktop is a note taking and sketching app for Mac OS. It is fully compatible with the iOS version (ZoomNotes, and ZoomNotes Lite) and shares a similar user interface for easy learning. It has many unique features including - Write over PDF files or blank paper. - Infinite whiteboard mode (aka Infinite Canvas). - Sub-documents. - Typed Rich Text - Layers. - Near-Infinite zoom range. - Record and playback sound. - Bookmarks to record view points within documents. - Drawing guides for lines and arcs. - Symbol library. - Documents Management - Documents, Folders and Sub-folders. Tags for documents and pages within documents. - Export as Images, PDF, Video or SVG. - Integration with Finder to allow 'Quick preview' and drag-drop of ZND, PDF, ZIP, JPEG, PNG and MOV files. - ICloud enabled for easy synchronization between iOS and Mac OS.