16 Bit Rally

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Revisit the good old days of arcade racers with 16 Bit Rally, the latest game developed by Photon Creations. Race on tracks all around the world, through some of the harshest and picturesque environments against 19 other competitors all aiming for the prized 16 Bit Cup. Earn prize money from races, purchase car upgrades & new car models, gaining that edge over the competition. 16 Bit Rally Includes: * 40 Tracks 40 tracks set over 6 continents. Race through the deserts of Africa, the tundra of Siberia, the jungles of South America, and many more challenging environments. * Cars & Upgrades Upgrade your wheels, transmission, and engine to gain the edge over the competition Choose from a list of car paint jobs across 3 different car models. * Original Soundtrack Race while listening to retro tunes made specifically for 16 Bit Rally. Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/PhotonCreations/