200 Plus Sight Words

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One of the most effective and powerful reading tools that parents and teachers can help children to develop is sight word recognition. By encouraging children to memorise these common and frequently used words as a whole, children can automatically recognise the words in print without having to use strategies to decode. 200 Plus Sight Words app contains over 200 sight words, grouped into 5 grades; Pre-primer, Primer, First Grade, Second Grade and Third Grade, and a reward system to encourage your child to reach their goal. Features : * Both US and UK pronounciation. * Over 200 sight words, grouped into 5 grades from Pre-primer to Third Grade. * Progress for sight words grade are saved automatically. * Cloze passage exercise (Solve each exercise to earn game coins) * Rewards system where game coins can be collected at the end of each lesson or cloze passage exercise. * Fun games to be unlocked with collected game coins. * Simple but beautifully crafted interface with simple navigation.