360 Camera Plus Pro – photography photo editor plus camera lens effects & filters

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360 Camera Plus is a new reference application for Mac OS. Add fully original and striking effects to your photos and give them style. ◉ 360 FILTERS AND EFFECTS ************************************** You can adjust the photo with film fade, exposure, temperature, contrast, tint, highlights, shadows, saturation, vibrance, grain, sharpen, vignette. ◉ UNIQUE CAMERA FX ************************************** Film - Transports your digital photo back to an authentic, old school film look with unique colors. B&W - Bring out the soul of colored photo with monochrome of visual arts. Tones - Turn your life's moments into different color tones with these effects. Vintage - Instantly give your photos a timeless vintage feel inspired by popular film treatments. Lomo - Set your photos apart ordinary with unique coloring, high contrast, and dark vignettes.