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Electronic agenda to store email/web addresses, phone-numbers and text-data (postal-addresses, personal/confidential data etc.). Just a click of the mouse, and it dials phone-numbers and launches your emailer with pre-compiled email-address or connects to the Web through a http or ftp address. It can import relevant data from Contacts (no images), vCards (with images) and ldif/csv formats (i.e. Thunderbird etc.), and export data in vCard formats. Main features: • Dialing via modem or through the speakers (land-phones only). • All user-entered data are encrypted. • Data-Backup (encrypted). • Make calls via Skype (only calls, no SMS). • Interface with Messages and FaceTime. • Sending Mail (To, Cc, Bcc). • Reduced Rate code (012 or other) supplied when necessary. • Portability (i.e. moving from a country to another will set the right phone country-code). • 'Reminder' function: every day it can remind you about any matching date (birthday, wedding-day etc.) in the database. • Printing of mailing labels (Avery 18/21/24) and envelopes. The second and third screenshot show how to perform phone-calls and send mail or connect to websites; while the fourth screenshot shows the app in reduced view: clicking the internet or the phone icon, you can send emails or make phone-calls.