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A Christmas Bubbleshooter

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"The best bubble shooter I've ever played", "Beautiful and challenging", "Get this game, it's very fun!" This is a special Christmas version of the best bubble shooter for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac: Dubble. A highly addictive match 3 game with naturally moving bubbles, nice sound effects and funky visuals - a must-have app for that warm and cosy Christmas time! ✪ FEATURES ✓ Unlimited levels: play as long as you want ✓ Awesome physics: a one-of-a-kind bubble shooter with naturally moving bubbles ✓ Supports full-screen mode under OS X Lion and newer ✪ SUPPORT Please e-mail us at acb@rodo.nl for support, or follow us on Twitter @RodoIC for info on the development of our bubbleshooters and other games.