A Taste for Murder

OS X 10.8
Florida. The wrong place for a cooking competition. At lease it was the wrong place for the late Maxwell Gregory. Each of the chef-contestants had a history with Gregory, and none of the histories was pleasant. Most were verbal about their resentment and anger toward him, but all harbored a grudge that could only be labeled as murderous. Gregory was like sandpaper, like chalk on a blackboard, or like a mandolin a chef could cut his fingertips on. Some thought he had earned his death by poison, and thought it was appropriate that it was food that had gotten him. No one seemed to miss him. No one cared who’d done him in. Until you were called in to find his killer. When you arrive, with the body still warm, you know you have to bring the murderer to justice no matter how much the victim was despised. ----------------------------------------- • Interview witnesses • Investigate locations • Read lab reports • Get detailed backgrounds on the chefs • Gather evidence • Interrogate suspects ---------------------------------------- As engaging as a book, as visceral as a movie, this Flexible Tale™ comes to life with the click of your mouse. From the authors of award-winning interactive fiction and novels comes a new way of telling stories. No longer limited to the printed word on the page or the requirement to read one page after another, a Flexible Tale blossoms to life like a flower bud opening in the sun. With each person, place, object, or concept you explore, the story grows and, with each new addition, your understanding of what actually happened, changes.