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Aartis give you intense peace in your mind. Professional Quality Voice and Music is used to develop this app. Features -Professional Quality of Voice and Music have been used to develop this app. -Aartis provide intense peace in mind. -You Feel More close to Gods & Goddess. -Collection of Most Famous Aartis. -Fully Tested on iMac,Mac Mini, Macbook & Other. -Various other Aartis available through in-App Purchase. -Ratings & Feedback Appreciated. List of Aartis in this App are: -Jai Ganesh Deva -Om Jai Jagdish -Aarti Ki jai Hanuman Lala Ki -Jai Ambe Gauri -Aarti Shri Ramayana Ji ki -Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki -Jai Laxmi Mata -Jai Shiv Omkara