ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters Free

OS X 10.7
Welcome to the amazing world of ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters Free! This time hidden objects are letters of English alphabet. Streets, stations, mystery castles and a great number of other spectacular locations make exploring fun and amusing. No additional rules and boring descriptions, no language skills needed, just letters! Game feature: - pure seek-and-find game - no language skills needed - 40 unique locations - 1000+ objects to find - awesome graphics and sounds - blitz game mechanics It's easy to play but hard to win. Every location is a big area for a good hunt where sumptuous graphics cleverly masks your prey. Start improving your hidden object skills for free. If you want to collect a great score, think fast to get time bonuses. You have 5 minutes to find all the hidden treasures: alphabets. Be attentive to every detail, zoom in and out to find 26 hidden letters on every location. Special icons indicate your game progress. Great marksmen are quick and precise and those are great abilities to develop, because every mishit results in time losses. Discover your collection of letters in the amazing graphics environment. This is not an ordinary puzzle game, ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters Free offers long hours journey through eye captivating scenes accompanied by pleasant music. Launch your expedition to discover hidden wonders. This game is free to start. If you enjoy - feel free to buy more level packs: Flashbacks, Hobby, Retro and unlock 5 free levels as a bonus! Get more great games from Absolutist. At the end of the last century several enthusiastic people decided to start up a small company that would develop and publish computer games. Now Absolutist is the whole team of professionals in programming, design, graphics and marketing who create and distribute casual games. We can offer a wide range of interactive games that you can play virtually anywhere - on any PC, tablet or mobile device. We have much more to offer for Mac : Jet Ducks Green Moon Bubble Shooter! Mysteriez Checkers Challenge Absolute MahJong Rotate Mania Deluxe ButterFlight Become our fan on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our site: Watch video on YouTube: