ABC Teacher for Kids

OS X 10.11
Enhance your Kids’ knowledge with "ABC teacher for Kids”, an app which is fun filled, entertaining & interactive application for kids motivating them to learn the basics of alphabets from A to Z in both Capital and Small letters.It also helps them to remember how to pronounce the letters and their associated names.(like L for Lion) The application comes with background voice which speaks the letters and the related names associated with that letter. With each letter the photo of related object is also shown. This helps in enhancing the understanding of the letters. For example : For letter "A", the application will display both "A" & "a". It will display a photo of "Apple". A background voice will say "A....A for Apple". The application also has background music to make the application full of fun. The images used are mostly the real life images so that the kids get the understanding of real world objects & animals. Once you start the training, the application will keep playing the letters in loop from A to Z. This will help children in remembering the sequence of the letters. It will also help them to remember the object & animal name associated with each letters. The voice that speaks is very clear and loud. It speaks all letters with the name of the associated objects & animals with right pronunciations. Features: - The application helps kids to learn the PRONUNCIATION of English alphabet from A to Z - It helps the kids recognize real life objects, fruits & animals like Apple,Ball,Elephant,Lion,Monkey and etc. - It helps the kids to pronounce the name of the things like Apple,Ball,Elephant,Lion,Monkey and etc.