Art of Audio Recording – Recording Drums

OS X 10.9
In this tutorial the audio experts at Singing Canary reveal the secrets of getting those platinum sounding drum sounds every band covets ... elevate your tracks to next level with this 2-hour tutorial! Recording the the sound and energy of the drum kit is essential knowledge that you’ve got to know if you're going to be making great sounding tracks. In this tutorial the audio experts at Singing Canary bring you into the studio and share with you everything they know about capturing the essence of the drums. This tutorial features producer Greg Haver and engineer Clint Murphy. Greg has worked with artists such as Super Furry Animals, Catatonia, Lost Prophets, Bullet For My Valentine, and Manic Street Preachers. Clint is an award winning recording/mix engineer with numerous chart successes in the UK, Europe and New Zealand. With Greg and Clint leading the way you’ll learn about drum kit set up and tuning. Then you’re off to explore all the different kinds microphones and mic placement techniques from single mic to multi-mic setups. You’ll learn to capture all the individual drums from the kick, to the snare, and toms. With the drum tracks are recorded, you'll move on to explore expert techniques for recording the overheads, and room. All recording requires software, so the tutorial moves on to a detailed section on phase relationships, multi-track comping and editing. Finally, there’s an in-depth look at the techniques involved in drum replacement editing. Recording Drums is an essential part of of our Art of Audio Recording series. No matter what DAW you use to produce your tracks after watching this tutorial your drum tracks will sound like they were recorded by a world class engineer. And best of all, that engineer is YOU! Table of Contents: 1. Prologue 2. Introduction 3. Replacing The Snare Head 4. Tuning The Snare 5. Tuning The Kick 6. Replacing The Tom Heads 7. Tuning The Toms 8. 1 Mic Technique 1 9. 1 Mic Technique 2 10. 1 Mic Technique 3 11. Decca Tree 12. Expanded Decca Tree 13. Kick Drum Mic Technique 14. Snare Drum Mic Technique 15. Tom Mic Technique 16. Hi Hats and Overheads Mic Technique 17. Room Mic Technique 18. Tuning In A Live Room 19. Drums In A Live Room/Expanded Set Up 20. Phase 21. Drum Comping 22. Drum Editing 23. Drum Sample Replacement/Layering 24. Different Types of Percussion 25. Mic Positioning 26. Bongos